Book Project Notes: “Where did Spring Break go?” edition

It’s been a “little victories” kind of week on the ol’ scholarship/writing front this week.  Here’s a list of what got done:

  • Realized, after what felt like about a day of scrolling back and forth, that I should take my own advice to students and print out the eight or so pages that were giving me cranial indigestion, cut them up almost paragraph by paragraph, and then make a kind of daisy chain out of them in an order that was more coherent than what I’d had.
  • Said new, more-coherent order necessitated the writing of new transitional material and re-writing of already-existing stuff elsewhere.  Of course.  Some of that work is still ongoing.
  • Went to Wichita State U.’s library for research.  That ended up saving me from making a truly embarrassing error of fact regarding one of Amado’s epigraphs in Tent of Miracles, and I found a couple of sources that both confirmed and added to my understanding of that novel’s narrative strategies.  More re-writing/re-working.
  • All told, the chapter is now about ten pages longer than it was this time last week.  It will grow by another five or so pages before it’s done.
  • Finally pulled together a working bibliography, some of which needs to find its way to the bibliography page for this blog.
  • (In my head) Tried out some arguments for a debate on AI and creativity that I’ll be participating in next week.

Strange how it doesn’t feel as though I got much done but, in rereading this, it looks as though I’ve been pretty productive.  It must be the bulleted list that’s doing it.

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